One system for all of Your customers and salesmen

ONe is a practical combination of business knowledge and modern technology.

ONe Commerce

Reach for already designed solutions for a professional B2B trade

You do not have to overpay any longer and construct the platform from the very beginning. One is an eCommerce platform adjusted especially to the needs of B2B trade. It was created and developed by sales practitioners.

With ONe you get:
  • Designed B2B functionalities

  • Full responsiveness and access on mobile devices with the use of PWA technology

  • Prompt implementation thanks to integrations with well-known financial and accounting systems

  • Possibility of selecting personal visual identification and any store design

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Implement several progressive solutions with one system
Easy to use interface

Provide your clients and employees with a practical tool that they will comprehend without additional training.

Intelligent search engine

Search engine equipped with auto-suggestions, synonyms, and product ranking.

Capacious product catalogue

Show your clients the full product offer, the system will remain fast and efficient even with hundreds of thousands of products in the database.

Shopping carts and shopping lists

Support your clients with additional tools. The option of multiple shopping lists and carts will help to organize daily work.

Data from online and offline sales

Provide your clients access to data about transactions regardless of the sales channel.

Price negotiations and requests for proposals

Enable options for price negotiation depending on the value of the shopping cart or products that require an individual approach.

Individual price-lists

Present favourable prices to your clients taking into consideration their loyalty, segment, purchase volume, and bonus agreements.

Promotions and discount codes

Reach for further sale and marketing tools taking into account the specificity of the B2B pricing policy.

Access to invoices and balances

Share with your clients financial and warehouse documents, as well as information about overdue payments.

Roles and permissions

Enable your clients to create roles and permissions for their employees. The client is the one that knows best about the structure of their organization.

Various delivery methods

Showcase certain delivery methods along with the logistic service dedicated only to chosen clients.

Handling multiple warehouses

Show particular products and warehouses only to a selected group of clients.

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It is much easier than browsing the Internet looking for solutions that we have already designed for you.
Challenge us, and we will provide you with modern solutions that we will implement promptly and professionally.


Benefit from CRM possibilities, as well as the eCommerce platform

Combine CRM with the eCommerce platform
  • Provide salespeople full connection with the eCommerce system

  • Simplify the contact and cooperation with the client without additional programs and costly integrations

  • Provide the team access to CRM via a web browser

  • Implement full responsiveness and access on mobile devices

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Get to know ONe CRM – modern and comprehensive system for sales management
Client 360

You will have access to all crucial information about the customer. Transactions, payments, invoices - all in one place. Henceforward, the trader will work in 1 system only instead of wasting time on several tools.

Online tendering

Use an offer module that steps up the work of a salesperson for key company customers that require a non-standard approach. Build and maintain relationships, as well as increase the shopping cart and the margin.

Quick ordering

Easily and quickly concoct customers' orders with an intuitive product finder. Save salespeople's time and exchange it for acquiring new clients.

Immediate error detection

Receive notifications and alerts about all significant events in orders and offers that were placed. ONE will take care of the speed of closing transactions and offers, while the trader will be able to attract new customers.

Gain time and save money!

Innowacyjność systemu ONE jest poparta twardymi liczbami


faster implementation


lower price


higher sales

Integration with other systems:

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For over 25 years, I have been building and developing commerce sectors. Depending on my experience, along with the team of specialists we have designed a tool that introduces B2B companies to the digital revolution – and all of this at a reasonable price.

Do not fall behind – you deserve a concrete solution!

Three, two, ONe...go!

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    Przez 25 lat budowałem i rozwijałem działy handlowe zawsze chodziło o wzrost efektywności i wydajności sił sprzedaży przy większym zadowoleniu klienta, który był skłonny robić coraz większe zakupy przy wysokich marżach. Teraz na bazie tych doświadczeń przygotowaliśmy narzędzia, które wprowadzają firmy B2B do cyfrowej rewolucji, a to wszystko za rozsądną cenę.

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