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Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle.

We focus on details, which make our solution stand out. We are proficient in both business and technology. Moreover, we know how to efficiently integrate these areas. If you are still unsure how to transform your company for the 21 st - century one– book a presentation for the ONe platform and get to know all of its possibilities.

SaaSOpen sourceDedicated solutionONe

The e-commerce system offered in SaaS is located in private virtual servers in the cloud.

An e-commerce system offered on the basis of a purchased license. Adapted by developers to the client's needs. It is located on administered servers or virtual ones in the cloud.

An e-commerce system basing on dedicated, individual solutions. It is located on administered servers or virtual ones in the cloud.

An e-commerce system offered in the SaaS system that is located on virtual servers in the Amazon cloud (AWS).

Costs of implementation (PLN) 30 000 - 120 000 300 000 - 600 000 0,5 mln - 1,5 mln 14 900 - 150 000
maintenance cost (PLN)
Czas wdrożenia
1 - 5 7 - 12 9 - 15 1 - 5
Detailed comparison
Number of already
set integrations
Number of standard
B2B functions
Adapting to individual
B2B needs
Developer’s knowledge
about Polish B2B market
for B2C e-commerce
Possibility to add
new integrations
(additionally paid) (additionally paid) (additionally paid)As a part of subscription
(Individually – additionally paid)
Facility to add
new B2B functions
(additionally paid) (additionally paid) (additionally paid) (additionally paid)
The level of integration with company’s
Ease of use
and system management
Technical support
Support in sales
and business development


small/ none



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For over 25 years, I have been building and developing commerce sectors. Depending on my experience, along with the team of specialists we have designed a tool that introduces B2B companies to the digital revolution – and all of this at a reasonable price.

Do not fall behind – you deserve a concrete solution!

Three, two, ONe...go!

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