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Client registered by the employee
Client registers individually on the platform
Roles and entitlements generated by the client for his employees
Possibility for the client to add addresses, authorized or contact people
Possibility to re-order products based on the order history
Order history (offline – placed in a stationary shop or via phone/mail)
Offer enquiries
Complaints – form
Employee's roles and entitlements
Client’s introduction (registration, roles and entitlements of the account)
Managing Customer’s Individual Price Lists
Handling orders
Creating offers for the client
Handling offers enquiries
Placing orders by a salesperson
Browsing through submitted complaints
Discount codes
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Static pages
Landing Pages
Templates for basic e-mails
Loyalty program
Import of product data (Categories/ Products/ Attributes/ Units)
Classification and categorization of a product
Up-selling and cross-selling
Certificates, catalogue cards, guarantees [PDF, graphics]
Marketing description of a product
Multiple photos of a product
Minimum number of a product to place an order
Closed platform (login required)
Open platform
Searching and browsing ‘Suggest’ (handling errors, hints: products, categories, synonyms, order of products)
Searching and browsing ‘Search’: Filtering by selected attributes
Fast purchases (importing products from chosen files)
Exporting products from the shopping cart to a file
Shopping cart
Disabling placing an order in the shopping cart
Online orders, assembling and pick up at the central warehouse (Click and Collect)
Online orders, assembling and pick up at the chosen department (Click and Collect)
Online orders, assembling at the central warehouse and pick up at the chosen department (Cross-Docking)
Trade credit
Prepayment to the account
Fast transfers/ online card payments
Cash at the checkout
Tracing shipments
Automatic e-mail notifications
Sending the complaint form for the e-mail address
Managing multiple warehouses
Central warehouse
Department warehouse
Basic data about the client
Available credit limit
Client’s counsellor
Assigned department
Prices for the customer
Prices for the client’s segment
Producer prices
Prices at the discount rate
Central warehouse
Department warehouse
Product data (attributes, features, units)
Online orders
Offline orders
Order status
Order enquiries
Correction invoices
Settling accounts and current balance
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